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Seal Coating, Speed Bump Replacement & Restriping/Marking

On Monday, June 25th Xsealer Asphalt Maintenance will begin with replacing all 7 speed bumps with wider bumps. Each bump will be done in 2 sections so the road can remain open. They need 20 ft of clearance on all sides of the speed bumps. If you are parked near a bump, your vehicle must be moved by 7:30 am or it will be towed at owners expense.


Please have all vehicles removed from their corresponding colored zone (see map) by 7:30 am or they will be towed and impounded for trespassing at owners expense. After the seal coat dries they will paint lines & writing Each zone will be reopened around 11 pm the same day. Residential parking in the commercial lot is allowed 11 pm-7:30 am. The commercial lot will actively be monitored and towing will be enforced during business hours.

Tuesday, June 26th – purple zone (Darby Downs & East half of the commercial lot)
Wednesday, June 27th – blue zone (West half of the commercial lot & the alley)
Thursday, June 28th – red zone (7210 –  7278 Elkridge Crossing Way  & Harper Way)
Friday, June 29th – orange zone (7285 Elkridge Crossing Way to the circle & all of Doctor Patel Dr)

Any vehicles in the spaces or street will be towed to the towing company’s storage lot and charged $125 for the tow + $25/day for storage. These rates are subject to change and are charged by Vision Wrecker Towing and apply to the Parking & Towing Policy.

Please be sure to keep all vehicles off of the seal coated areas until the crew reopens the zone.
Violators will be held responsible for damages.

Thank you for your cooperation.

parking and towing policy

parking map with paint colors