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Elkridge Crossing Parking FAQ

To submit a tow request visit http://maryland-services.com/elkridge-crossing/tow-request and complete the form. If the request has a valid reason for towing and the vehicle is in violation the tow will be approved by Maryland Services. Maryland Services nor Vision Wrecker Towing will accept tow requests over the phone or via email, you must use the Towing Request Form.

You can use tape to adhere the hang tag to the windshield in the upper corner on the drivers side.

No, spaces in the community are already assigned and therefore don’t need an object to block it or the space is available on a first come basis. Any objects placed by residents in a parking space will be removed and may not be returned. The Master HOA nor Sub-HOA’s will not be held responsible for items not returned.

Your garage and driveway are your 2 assigned spaces. If you need additional spaces you may park on Elkridge Crossing Way in any of the numbered spaces.

Visitors can park on Elkridge Crossing Way anytime or in one of the 31 “Reserved Commercial” spaces around the commercial building as follows:

    • Monday – Friday – Between 7:00 pm – 8:00 am.
    • Saturday and Sunday – No restrictions, but shared with commercial units.
    • During the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – No restrictions, but shared with commercial units; and further, any “RESERVED COMMERCIAL” parking spots may be used, but shared with commercial units.

If you legally park in a surface parking space (a space on asphalt/black top) you may keep it parked there while out of town but need to inform Maryland Services using the contact form on this page if the vehicles won’t be moved for more than 14 days. If your vehicles are parked in your garage and or driveway there is no need to inform Maryland Services.

Regardless of where in the community you live, if you need more than 2 parking spaces the additional parking available to you is on Elkridge Crossing Way. Surface parking spaces (a space on asphalt/black top) may not be used as storage parking for vehicles that are not regularly driven. If you have vehicles requiring storage you should consider a paid vehicle storage facility.

If you live in a 2-over-2 or townhouse the contractor can park their commercial vehicle any time in the following places: your garage, driveway, Elkridge Crossing Way, Chetan Lane, Daniel John Drive or Coburn Court. The contractors commercial vehicle can also be parked on Darby Downs or Harper Way in one of the green Reserved C-C spaces 8am – 7pm M-F ONLY.

If you live in a condo the contractor can park on Darby Downs or Harper Way in one of the green Reserved C-C spaces 8am – 7pm M-F (no hag tag needed) or they can park anytime in your assigned yellow Reserved Condo space or a green Reserved C-C (while using your hang tag).

Rental vehicles do not need to be registered. If you regularly drive the same company vehicle it needs to be registered. Company vehicles that have signage advertising the business are classified as commercial vehicles and you must abide by commercial vehicle rules in the parking policy. Regardless of the vehicle you drive, if you are parking in a permit only area and are not displaying your hang tag your vehicle is subject to be towed.

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